Annex Ventures supports early to mid-stage funding for individual entrepreneurs and start up companies in the high tech, biotechnology and medical device markets.

Constantly striving to be at the forefront of new innovative ideas, while growing our portfolio and seeking unique opportunities with partners. 



We evaluate business plans typically from 2 main categories - but not limited to. 

High Technology - Applications, Software, Hardware, Security. 

Life Science - Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Alternative Energy. 

Our Philosophy & Mission

Help smart, intuitive entrepreneurs with great ideas get a running start...

Our philosophy is to help create value in early stage companies through our teams experience and exceptional knowledge. We are passionate about providing the right tools that will excel and grow our partners visions in their specific markets. The financial support and value-added services offered by Annex Ventures equips each of our partner companies with a team that will see through that each company thrives.