Annex Ventures
Supporting and Funding Early to Mid Stage Entrepreneurs
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What We Do


Since 2005, Annex Ventures has led the effort to support and fund local and national companies in various markets that are thriving that include High Technology and Life Sciences. 

Our Philosophy & Mission

Help smart, intuitive entrepreneurs with great ideas get a running start...

Circut Boards High Technology Funding

Our philosophy is to help create value in early stage companies through our teams experience and exceptional knowledge. We are passionate about providing the right tools that will excel and grow our partners visions in their specific markets. The financial support and value-added services offered by Annex Ventures equips each of our partner companies with a team that will see through that each company thrives.

Most of the business plans we review come to us through referrals. We are open to reviewing unsolicited business plans as well. Our interests are mostly in High Technology or Life Science ventures. These two categories vary by definition and are not limited to. 

There is passion behind our work and we like to be hands on to help entrepreneurs through the ever evolving process of their business venture. We have strong ties into the business community and venture community allowing us to help an emerging company with contacts and advice.

Human Body Life Science Funding

Our initial investment can be as little $100K and up from there. We work with other venture capital firms, angel groups and private investors as needed to help a promising company meet its capital requirements. Annex Ventures is an excellent partnership to any company looking for capital, growth and expertise.

We also provide private investments in public entities, "PIPE" investments primarily in Small Cap, public biotech, medical devices and techonlogy companies.